Pilot 'congratulates' passengers for drinking all alcohol on plane

Passengers aboard a recent Southwest Airlines plane received a special message from the flight's captain after the travelers drank all the alcohol aboard plane.

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On a Dec. 7 flight from from Oakland, California, to Kansas City, Missouri, the captain of the aircraft went over the PA system to announce to passengers that they had consumed all the alcohol on the plane, according to sports journalist Jimmy Durkin, who tweeted about the incident. The captain congratulated the passengers for their feat, which was accomplished during the three-hour-20-minute flight.

Durkin, who said the flight was a "Raiders flight," cleared up confusion from Twitter users who thought he meant the plane was full of Oakland Raiders football players. He said the flight had many fans of the football team, as many passengers were wearing Raiders paraphernalia.

Durkin, who said that the fliers were "not particularly rowdy," said "a decent amount of folks (were) in Raiders gear."

"Pretty standard fare for a flight to a city where the Raiders are playing," he told


The Raiders played the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead stadium on Dec. 8. The Chiefs beat the Raiders 21-13.

AJC's George Mathis contributed to this report.

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