All Lego stores in US, Canada to become sensory friendly

Lego stores in the United States and Canada by the end of the month are expected to become more inclusive.

Lego stores in the United States and Canada are expected to become more inclusive by the end of the month.

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In honor of Autism Acceptance Month, Lego has announced that it will be working to create a more inclusive experience for visitors, according to USA Today. KultureCity and Lego partnered together to make it happen. KultureCity is a nonprofit organization that helps make locations more inclusive.

“All LEGO entities are united by our mission to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow and a belief that the benefits of play are equally critical to all children. This fuels our exploration of how to make the LEGO experience more inclusive and welcoming for everyone,” said Colette Burke, Chief Commercial Officer at the LEGO Group.

“We know the LEGO System in Play is enjoyed by neurodivergent fans of all ages and we want to support, inspire, and celebrate their creativity. We hope that the changes to our stores, publications and family attractions will have a positive impact and help embrace the diverse needs and strengths of our fans globally. There will always be more to do, and we’re committed to working with fans and experts to implement initiatives that can help make a difference in building a more inclusive world,” Burke continued.

The certification so far will before for all Lego states in the United States and Canada by the end of April. The rest of the world will be later this year, according to Lego. Once the staff at every location has completed the training, they will be given Sensory Inclusive Certifications from KultureCity, according to KTLA.

The stores will have supportive sensory bags available, according to the news outlet. The bags will have noise-reducing headphones, fidget tools, visual cue cards, lanyards from Kulture City and strobe reduction glasses. The bags will be available at Lego store checkouts for no additional cost.

“We are truly honored in this partnership with LEGO to make all their retail stores sensory inclusive with a combination of staff training, sensory bags and app integration,” Julian Maha, co-founder of KultureCity, told USA Today.

“We love that this classic toy brand giant brings so much joy and now, inclusion, globally as they move forward in making the shopping experience accessible to all customers,” Maha continued.