Coronavirus: US cases top 4 million as total deaths approach 145,000

The United States reached a grim milestone Thursday as total novel coronavirus cases surpassed 4 million and total virus-related deaths neared 145,000.

According to a Johns Hopkins University tally, there are at least 4,007,859 confirmed U.S. cases of the virus, which have resulted in at least 143,846 deaths. The latest figures mean the United States now accounts for more than one-quarter of the more than 15 million global COVID-19 infections.

With 421,857 cases, California has overtaken New York’s 409,697 cases as the hardest-hit state, followed by Florida with 389,868 and Texas with 363,615.

Eight other states have now confirmed at least 101,000 coronavirus cases each, including:

New Jersey: 177,887 cases, resulting in 15,730 deaths

Illinois: 168,099 cases, resulting in 7,560 deaths

Georgia: 152,302 cases, resulting in 3,335 deaths

Arizona: 150,609 cases, resulting in 3,063 deaths

Massachusetts: 114,320 cases, resulting in 8,468 deaths

Pennsylvania: 109,037 cases, resulting in 7,093 deaths

North Carolina: 107,125 cases, resulting in 1,756 deaths

Louisiana: 101,650 cases, resulting in 3,574 cases

Meanwhile, Tennessee, Michigan, Virginia, Maryland and Ohio each has confirmed at least 80,000 cases; South Carolina and Alabama each has confirmed at least 74,000 cases, followed by Indiana with 59,602; Washington, Minnesota, Connecticut, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Colorado and Iowa each has confirmed at least 40,000 cases; Nevada, Missouri, Utah and Arkansas each has confirmed at least 35,000 cases; Oklahoma, Kentucky, Kansas and Nebraska each has confirmed at least 23,000 cases; Rhode Island, New Mexico, Idaho and Oregon each has confirmed at least 15,000 cases; Delaware and Puerto Rico each has confirmed at least 13,000 cases, followed closely by the District of Columbia with 11,571.

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