Cow on the lam escapes trip to slaughterhouse

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — A cow destined for a trip to a slaughterhouse may have gotten a reprieve after running through the streets of Brooklyn.

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The cow was being held at a slaughterhouse in the New York City borough when it decided it wasn’t its time on Tuesday afternoon, WNBC reported.

Video of the bovine bolting through the streets was captured as employees from Saba Live Poultry, neighbors and staff from a nearby pizza shop tried to corner the bovine.

“The people from the slaughterhouse, they were trying to lasso it and get it into the truck, but she was feisty, she didn’t want to go,” Vincent Fontana, the owner of Original Pizza, told WABC.

The cow zigged and zagged trying to get away from its fate.

Eventually, the cow was captured and loaded back into a truck after running for about a mile, WNBC reported. The cow was returned to the slaughterhouse, despite calls from an animal sanctuary that offered to spare the cow’s life.

“That animal is fighting for her life and they know it,” said Mike Stura, president and founder of Skylands Animal Sanctuary, told WNBC. “You can feel the fear in the air.”

But the cow may get a chance to live, and be taken to a farm in Pennsylvania, WNYW and WNBC reported.

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