Democrats tap South Carolina to hold first presidential primary in 2024

PHILADELPHIA — The Democratic Party on Saturday gave its approval to change the order of its 2024 presidential primary, moving South Carolina into the leadoff spot ahead of the Iowa caucus.

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The move by the Democratic National Committee reduces the importance of Iowa, which has served as the traditional start to presidential campaigns for more than two decades, The Associated Press reported.

New Hampshire, which has hosted the first primary after the Iowa caucuses, will now share a primary date with Nevada, according to USA Today.

The shift in the primary dates will give greater clout to Black and union voters while downplaying the significance of rural voters, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The new plan, touted by President Joe Biden, would schedule South Carolina’s primary on Feb. 3, 2024, followed by New Hampshire and Nevada three days later, the AP reported.

“This calendar reflects the best of who we are as a nation,” Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison told party members before the vote, according to USA Today.

While delegates from Iowa and New Hampshire objected to the changes, other officials welcomed the move.

“You can have a primary (where) nobody shows up,” South Carolina party chair Trav Robertson told USA Today. “I mean, if you have a party, and nobody shows up, it’s not a hell of a party.”

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