Grazer wins Fat Bear Week

Fat bear week

We now know who wears the Fat Bear crown.

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When all of the votes were counted, 128 Grazer beat out 32 Chunk to win the championship.

Katmai National Park & Preserve said “The gutsy girl grounded the guy with a gut,” and will be added to the “Hall of Chompions.”

Voters have spoken LOUDLY. (You practically screamed at us.) We have our 2023 #FatBearWeek winner: 128 Grazer! 🥳 The...

Posted by Katmai National Park & Preserve on Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Past winners of both the junior and adult competitions include:

  • 2014 - 480 Otis
  • 2015 - 409 Beadnose
  • 2016 - 480 Otis
  • 2017 - 480 Otis
  • 2018 - 409 Beadnose
  • 2019 - 435 Holly
  • 2020 - 747
  • 2021 - Fat Bear Junior: 132′s spring cub. Fat Bear Week 2021: 480 Otis
  • 2022 - Fat Bear Junior: 909′s yearling. Fat Bear Week 2022: 747
  • 2023 - Fat Bear Junior: 806′s spring cub. Fat Bear Week 2023: 128 Grazer

Fat Bear Week is an annual celebration where bears are voted upon not only for fun to name a champion but to also shine a light on the Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska.

It also highlights how bears prepare for their months-long hibernation, packing on pounds before they crawl into their cozy spots for a long nap.

Bears have to eat about a year’s worth of food in six months since while they’re sleeping over the next few months they will be using up their fat reserves. The animals end up losing about a third of their body weight.