McDonald’s plans to build 10,000 new restaurants over next 4 years

McDonald’s plans to build 10,000 new restaurants over next 4 years

McDonald’s announced Wednesday its plans to grow over the next four years.

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McDonald’s is planning to open 10,000 new restaurants around the world by 2027, Reuters reported. It would become McDonald’s “fastest period of growth” in its history. According to The Associated Press, McDonald’s is planning to have 50,000 restaurants open by the end of 2027. The chain currently has 40,275 restaurants.

The plan is to open 900 new stores in the United States. Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom and Australia could see about 1,900 stores. Seven thousand would be built internationally with about half of those in China, the AP reported.

According to the AP, restaurants in the U.S. by the end of 2024 and other markets by the end of 2025 will see menu items that include softer, fresh toasted buns, and cheese that melts more and more Big Mac sauce.

“As I’ve said before, there has never been a better time to be part of Brand McDonald’s. The McDonald’s System has demonstrated exceptional execution of our Accelerating the Arches strategy and is delivering tremendous results across our key growth pillars,” said McDonald’s President and Chief Executive Officer Chris Kempczinski. “We have a clear trajectory for future growth as we continue to build on the brand strength, global footprint and digital ecosystem that have resulted in unparalleled competitive advantages and cemented McDonald’s as one of the world’s leading consumer-facing brands.”

The company is also planning to grow its loyalty program to 250 million users by 2027 with 100 million user growth from the amount of users currently, Reuters reported. The plan is to have more than $45 billion in annual sales which is currently at more than $20 billion system-wide.

McDonald’s announced that it will be partnering with Google Cloud as well in order to “accelerate automated services and reduce complexity for its employees, the AP reported.

“We’re focused on making AI more helpful for everyone, with the potential to unlock many new opportunities for innovation,” said Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet. “The restaurant industry is already benefiting from these advances, and we’re excited to see how McDonald’s will use our generative AI, cloud, and edge computing tools to improve their iconic dining experience for their employees and their customers all over the world.”