Meth burrito included in TSA’s ‘Top 10 Catches of 2021′

The Transportation Security Administration released its “Top 10 Catches of 2021,” highlighting some of the dangerous items people tried to bring onto airplanes in the last year.

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In a video counting down from 10 to one, the list starts with bullets in deodorant, found at Atlantic City International Airport, included with an emoji and the line, “This passenger must have been sweating bullets.”

Guns made the list in several forms, both as a pistol in Newark, New Jersey, as a firearm buckle in Honolulu, Hawaii, and in the case in Sacramento, California, as a wineholder.

The meth burrito was found at Hobby International Airport in Houston, Texas. According to a news release from the TSA, an officer “saw what appeared to be an unidentified lump inside of a traveler’s breakfast burrito. Due to the unusual nature and size of the lump, the [officer] requested additional inspection of the food item.” Once open, officers found something dark inside the burrito and put it through the X-ray, only to find crystal meth.

The TSA is seeing the largest number of travelers since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the holiday season bringing more than 110 million Americans to airports across the country, CBS News reported.

In Oct. 2021, TSA had said it caught 4,495 firearms at security checkpoints, the most in the agency’s 20-year history, The Washington Post reported.

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