Pennsylvania woman arrested for allegedly burning, killing her husband

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. — A Pennsylvania woman has been arrested for allegedly burning and killing her husband on Thursday.

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WHP-TV said Susquehanna Township police were called out to a home around 5 a.m. on June 16 after they received a call from Evelyn Henderson, 66. She allegedly told the dispatcher that she found her husband dead and believed he killed himself by burning himself, according to court records obtained by WHP-TV.

According to WMPT, Evelyn told the dispatcher that she heard her husband yell earlier but didn’t call 911 because “he was already burnt.” The dispatcher reported that something seemed off with Evelyn — there were some disparity in her answers and she seemed hesitant.

When officers got to the home, they found Carmen Henderson, 84, burned and dead on the back patio, according to WMPT. He was reportedly naked and investigators found evidence to show that his death wasn’t recent.

Investigators said that Evelyn changed her story multiple times but eventually told them that at around 3 p.m. on Wednesday, she saw her husband outside and on fire, according to WMPT. She allegedly said he was still alive. He was sitting on a camp chair with his lower pants on fire. He called for her help and she was going to call 911 but was unable to explain why she never placed the call until the next morning, according to WMPT.

According to WMPT, the Hendersons were in severe debt and owed at least $40,000 on a second mortgage. Evelyn allegedly told investigators that she mismanaged their money and caused their business, Henderson Limousine Service to file for bankruptcy. Investigators learned that Evelyn had a $10,000 life insurance policy on Carmen, according to court records obtained by WMPT.

Dauphin County Fire investigators determined that Carmen could not be responsible for killing himself as Evelyn claimed, according to WMPT.

According to WHP-TV, Evelyn has been booked on recommended charges of criminal homicide, aggravated arson and arson.