Special K cereal features first pregnant woman on cereal box

Front Cover of the Molly Baz x Special K Limited Edition Cereal Box

Kellogg’s Special K has partnered with cookbook author Molly Baz, creating the first cereal box to feature a pregnant woman on it, the company said.

The cereal box featured Baz with her pregnant belly out, CNN reported.

Baz is known for recently creating a conversation surrounding pregnant bodies after she did an ad for Swehl, a company that sells breastfeeding accessories, according to CNN. The news network reported that Baz developed a lactation cookie recipe for the company, inspiring an ad that created so much controversy that the digital billboards were pulled from Times Square.

“Special K has always designed food around people. This is why we want these Special K boxes - front and back - to be a celebration of everything that makes people unique,said Sadie Garcia, the senior director of brand marketing at WK Kellogg Co. “We are thrilled to be teaming up with Molly for this initiative as someone who embraces being true to yourself. Together, our goal is to deepen that pride and highlight that everyone’s journey to motherhood looks different, but each path is special in its own way.”

Kellogg’s website says that you can enjoy a bowl of Special K Molly’s way, which is with ice cubes and a pinch of salt. The company said that if the ice cubes are made with frozen milk, that is a bonus.

Baz said that she was 39 weeks pregnant when the campaign with Special K was done, CNN reported.

“If you know me, you know I am a freak for cereal. Cereal got me through pregnancy in a very real way,” Baz said. “And as a diehard Special K girlie, and longtime customer, it is an honor to be given the opportunity to design my own Special K box alongside my husband. I’m thrilled to use this moment as a billboard and platform where we can celebrate the mind-blowing miracle of pregnancy and motherhood that is happening around us all and is nothing short of a dream come true.”

In honor of the collaboration, Special K is donating $25,000 to United Way.

You can purchase Special K Original x Molly Baz Collab Box during Kellogg’s presale for $5 on Kellogg’s website. The boxes ship out at the end of July and are expected to arrive in August. You can only buy one box during the presale.

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