Toddler reportedly attacked by coyote outside house in California in broad daylight

LOS ANGELES — A toddler was reportedly attacked by a coyote outside her family’s house in Los Angeles, California, on Friday in broad daylight.

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The 2-year-old girl’s parents, Shira and Ariel Eliyahuo, told KTLA that they had just gotten home from preschool. They took their daughter out of her car seat from the car that was parked right out front of their house. As they went to collect her toys from inside the car, a coyote ran toward their daughter, biting down on her legs and dragging her facedown down the sidewalk.

The girl’s father, Ariel, heard her screaming and ran over to rescue her, yelling as loud as possible to try to scare the coyote, according to KTLA.

Ariel also charged at the coyote, which caused it to release their daughter, pause for a second and then run off, according to The Associated Press.

The girl was taken to the emergency room where she got a rabies vaccine, according to the AP. She also suffered some scratches and bruises from the attack.

Her mother, Shira, told KTLA that she had a lot of scratches on her left leg — some of them being pretty deep. She also said that the girl’s face was bruised from the coyote dragging her.

Coyote sightings are common in some Los Angeles neighborhoods but according to the AP, attacks on people are rare.