Woman enters MRI machine with a gun and gets shot in the butt


A 57-year-old woman was shot in the buttocks by her own gun when she took it into a magnetic resonance imaging machine while she was having a test, and the weapon was grabbed up by the machine’s magnet, causing the gun to go off.

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The incident happened in June and was sent to the Food and Drug Administration as an “adverse event” report, according to The Messenger. The injury was reported as “minor.”

According to the FDA report, the woman was asked if she was carrying a weapon and she answered “no.” The report did not say where the woman was or the facility where the incident occurred.

An MRI is a diagnostic test that creates images of structures and organs in the body by using powerful magnets and radio waves.

It is not the first time the machine has grabbed up a weapon that discharged. Earlier this year, a man in Brazil had his gun grabbed by the magnet. It discharged and the bullet struck him in the abdomen. He eventually died from his injuries.