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COVID-19 will pose a significant threat this summer

COVID-19 will pose a significant threat this summer.

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation predicts a second wave of the coronavirus will start in mid-September.

Take a look at this model.

Researchers at the Institute are also forecasting nearly 170-thousand deaths in the U.S. by October first.

The states most likely to be affected with the highest number of deaths, according to experts: New York, New Jersey, California and Michigan.

With the current modeling, Georgia and Florida are among four states predicted to see the earliest uptick in deaths.

The model is based on data through June 6th.

Dr. Christopher Murray, the director of the IHME, says he hopes their information is “proven wrong by the swift actions governments and individuals take to reduce transmission.”

Health officials say there have been spikes in some states due to eased restrictions and recent protests in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis.