Westinghouse Academy students welcome future classmates from Wilkinsburg

PITTSBURGH — Students from Wilkinsburg who will be attending Pittsburgh Westinghouse 6-12 Academy next school year spent several hours getting to know their new school Friday.

"I love this school. I love all the people and I want to go here so bad," Dynasty Jones said. She will be entering 9th grade next year.

The new students were greeted by their future classmates.

“I want everyone to come in and feel welcomed because it's their new home," Robert Montgomery said. He was among several current Westinghouse students who volunteered to help with the tour.

Last fall, both school boards approved the plan to move 270 Wilkinsburg junior and senior high students.

The Wilkinsburg district announced that, because of low enrollment, it could no longer provide a quality education to students in grades 7-12.

“It's not like these schools are a half-an-hour away. It's right down the street,” Westinghouse student Maraya Lucas said.  “We know them. We grew up with them."

Westinghouse principal LouAnn Zwieryznski says the transition will be a challenge, but it will ultimately make Westinghouse better.

“We definitely want them here at Pittsburgh Westinghouse,” she said. “It's an opportunity to bring two schools together and in actuality it will create more opportunities.”