• Woman wins new car from Baierl FIAT playing Monopoly game

    By: Carly Noel


    McCANDLESS TOWNSHIP, Pa. - A Washington County woman won a new car from Baierl FIAT playing the McDonald’s Monopoly game.

    Vice President of Baierl Automotive Bob Baierl presented the keys to a FIAT 500 Pop to Elaine Teagarden at the Wexford dealership on Thursday.

    “It was a national campaign by FIAT. FIAT chose us to fulfill the winner,” said Advertising Manager Paul Funk.


    An elated Teagarden, from Amity, Washington County, brought her husband, Earle Teagarden, and her granddaughter, Alissa McClatchey, with her to the dealership. 

    McClatchey said she was the one to discover that her grandmother had collected the three rare Monopoly pieces that won Teagarden the car.

    “She had Pacific Avenue, North Carolina Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue,” said McClatchey.

    Teagarden couldn’t believe that she won.

    “I said, ‘Grandma, you won something.’ She said, ‘What? A dollar or a free sandwich?’ I said, ‘No. A car.’” Alissa McClatchey explained.

    “I said, ‘Are you sure? I never win anything,’” said Teagarden.

    Teagarden chose the color of her FIAT on Thursday.  She picked Verde Chiaro, a mint green color.

    Forty-nine color combinations are available for the FIAT 500 Pop. 

    The retro-style car features Bluetooth technology, great fuel economy and traction control.

    “It’s safe.  Winter is coming. They are awesome in the snow,” said General Sales Manager Todd Perschke.

    A customer at the dealership for service echoed what Perschke said and told Teagarden how much she liked her blue FIAT 500 Pop.

    “I think I was the first one to get one in the North Hills.  Everyone would look at it.  I still get stopped.  I love it.  I can park it anywhere. It’s great on gas,” said Lori DeMarco.

    All of that sounded great to Teagarden who was driving a 1998 Pontiac Grand Am.

    “I liked the Pontiac, but I was due for a new one,” she said.

    Teagarden looks forward to taking her new car to family holiday parties.

    “My cousin, Dave, and I grew up playing Monopoly.  He always won. Now, I can tell him that I finally beat him at Monopoly,” said Teagarden.

    “We also look forward to taking it to the horse park in Armstrong County to watch the horse shows,” added Teagarden. 

    McClatchey is welcome to drive it, too.

    “Absolutely. She can drive it,” said Teagarden.

    The Teagardens thank Baierl FIAT for the new car and great experience.

    “I really appreciated the way they treated us. We would recommend them to anyone.  They spent the afternoon showing the car to us,” said Teagarden.

    Baierl FIAT is located at 10486 Perry Highway.  Click here  to visit the website.

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