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Someone stole $80K from Antonio Brown day before he hurled furniture, police say

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Someone stole $80,000 and a handgun from Antonio Brown's Florida apartment, a discovery the Steelers wide receiver made a day before he allegedly threw furniture from the 14th-floor balcony and nearly hit a toddler, a police report said.

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A Sunny Isles Beach Police Department report on the theft, which was obtained by Channel 11 News, said Brown called police on April 23 to report that the money, which had been in a backpack in his closet, was missing, as was a 9 mm pistol.

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Brown had just returned from an 11-day trip out of town when he found the money and gun missing, according to the report. He had been living in the apartment alone since separating from his girlfriend two weeks earlier, he told police.


The money was put in the bag on April 11, he said, a day before he went out of town. When he returned, he found the apartment had been cleaned and laundry had been washed and put away in the closet, the report said.

Security footage showed three women entering and leaving the apartment on April 13, the report said.

The women were housekeepers who were allowed in by security officers after they called Brown and someone other than Brown answered his phone and gave the women permission to enter the apartment.

Brown confirmed to police that the three women had previously cleaned another home he owns nearby. When police questioned them, all three women denied taking anything from the apartment.

Security logs also show a key to apartment was used by a repair man to replace an air-conditioning filter and a woman to pick up a table. Security officers monitored both those people while they were in the apartment, the report said.

Police are currently waiting for results from forensic evidence gathered from the apartment.

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The next day, April 24, police responded to a call from Brown, who was "agitated" and saying he believed security officials at the complex "set him up." He allegedly threw furniture over the balcony in anger, which prompted a lawsuit from a family saying he nearly hit a young child in the process, the lawsuit said.

The owner of the building has also filed suit against Brown to recoup the cost of the damages to the apartment and furniture.

The day after that, April 25, police responded to another call from Brown to say his black Rolls Royce had been stolen. When police arrived at his apartment to take the report, Brown opened the door, said, "I found the car," and closed the door, according to a police report obtained by Channel 11 News.

Further attempts to speak to Brown were not successful, police said.

The Steelers have declined to comment on the lawsuits against Brown.

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