Pittsburgh Steelers

Son of former Steeler Ryan Switzer back home after COVID-19 diagnosis, surgery

PITTSBURGH — After spending time in intensive care after being diagnosed with COVID-19, the 9-month-old son of former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Ryan Switzer is back home.

Switzer tweeted that his son, Christian, was discharged from the hospital Tuesday evening.

Over the weekend, Switzer began asking for prayers after Christian woke up in his own blood.

Switzer tweeted that Christian needed three blood transfusions and was placed in the neonatal intensive care unit. He then underwent surgery.

Several sites of bleeding were found during the surgery. On Sunday, Switzer said Christian was stable and resting. However, a later tweet said he was still having episodes of bleeding.

“Please add my wife to the prayer list as she has to be strong for the both of us at the hospital,” Switzer tweeted.

On Monday afternoon, Switzer said there were no more bleeding spells overnight and Christian’s labs remained normal, so he was being moved from the ICU.

While Christian is now back home, Switzer and his wife don’t know exactly what happened.

“We didn’t get any clear answers on why what happened, happened but, to see him sleep through the night with no bleeding and wake up in a playful mood this morning means our prayers are being answered. Thank you all,” Switzer tweeted.

Switzer spent two seasons with the Steelers, catching 44 passes for 280 yards and one touchdown. He signed with the Cleveland Browns’ practice squad for the 2020 NFL season.