Pittsburgh Penguins

Mixed emotions from fans, businesses after news of impending sale of Pittsburgh Penguins

PITTSBURGH — It’s mixed emotions from fans and local business owners about the potential sale of the Pittsburgh Penguins. One of the biggest fears is what happens down the line if the team pulls out from Pittsburgh.

“The anger’s because of the Pittsburgh-Boston rivalry. That just makes everyone nervous when you see something attached to Boston,” said Carly Moore with the Souper Bowl.

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Following that announcement came the questions mainly directed at city leaders about the impact.

“I’ve been in contact with the team, and I know they are working in order to it, but I’ll hold my comments until there is a signature on a piece of paper and something to actually comment on,” said Mayor Bill Peduto.

Outside of driving fans into the city and bringing business to local establishments, the Penguins as an organization has invested in several projects.

“They kind of have their hands in a lot of things right now in the area, that is a thought too. What is going to happen to the developments they have planned?” Moore said.

Particularly the Lower Hill Redevelopment Project is one area where there are questions. Construction is already underway for the first phase of new businesses and green space.

The mayor told Channel 11 as for that project community members do not have to worry.

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“Anything that would be part of the agreement that we worked on whether it was the CCIP agreement with the community, whether it was the leasing agreement with the Penguins and the arena and keeping it in Pittsburgh, anything dealing with that stays in place, none of those changes,” Peduto said.

While the construction will continue, local business owners are staying positive no matter what happens.