Clark Howard

What to do when a pen explodes in your dryer

If you’ve been doing laundry long enough, it’s bound to happen sooner or later.

You open the door to your dryer and find that all of your clothes are covered in blue or black pen ink — and so is the dryer itself.

While we might not be able to save your clothes, there’s a fix for the dryer.

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Easy way to remove ink stains from your dryer

A man named Dusty posted a video on YouTube to demonstrate how to remove pen stains from your dryer using a cheap bottle of nail polish remover.

The video has more than 150,000 views and it has helped thousands of people!

After trying several other methods, Dusty showed how using a piece of cotton and nail polish remover got rid of the stain with practically no effort.

But since nail polish remover includes acetone, it’s highly flammable. To reduce to risk of a fire, you want to make sure that your dryer is unplugged and cool before starting this project.

When you’re done, use soap and water to remove any leftover nail polish remover.

Although he started with a huge mess in his dryer, Dusty said it only took about five minutes to clean it up — and he only had to spend about a buck for the nail polish remover.

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