• Shenango: 'Guys and Dolls'


    None - Shenango High School is performing "Guys & Dolls" March 15-17 at 7:30 p.m. in the HS auditorium. 

    Adult ticket prices are $8 and Students $6. 

    Cast List:

    Nicely-Nicely Johnson Connor Watkins
    Benny Southstreet Nick Dombeck
    Rusty Charley Tristan Heilman
    Sarah Brown Gina Albanese
    Arvide Abernathy Matt Younger
    Agatha -  Mission Band  Leah Cozza
    Calvin - Mission Band Kyle Carpenter
    Martha - Mission Band  Marina Pisano
    Marvin -  Mission Band  Alan Herman
    Mission Band Members Jenna DiGiammarino
    Mission Band Members Christa Bupp
    Mission Band Members Mikayla Radice
    Lt. Brannigan Cody Currie
    Drunk Craig Blose
    Harry the Horse Blake Scala
    Nathan Detroit Donnie Mangino
    The Greek Ronnie Davis
    Brandy Bottle Bates Jake Cochran
    Scranton Slim Dalton Uber
    Angie the Ox Christian Davis
    Liver Lips Louie Zach Matuch
    Society Max/ Master of Ceremony Gabe Davis
    Adelaide Taylor Manolis
    Sky Masterson Anthony Ventura
    Joey Biltmore Devin Heinlein
    Mimi/Hot Box Dancer Emily Rigotti
    General Cartwright Damara Deal
    Big Jule

    Kevin Younger

    Hot Box Dancers Allyssa Alwine 
    Hot Box Dancers Kaitlyn Shaffer,
    Hot Box Dancers Allie Speis
    Hot Box Dancers Chandler Waskin
    Hot Box Dancers Mirah Mascetta
    Hot Box Dancers Rachel Reamer
    Hot Box Dancers Jenna Cochran
    Hot Box Dancers Hannah Budzowski
    Havana Dancers Elizabeth Salem
    Havana Dancers Carly Danielson
    Havana Dancers Juliana McCandless
    Havana Dancers Megan Harding
    Havana Dancers Briana Bartley
    Havana Dancers Briana Watkins
    Havana Dancers Jayci Ross
    Havana Dancers Rachel Burger
    Women's Ensemble Ciara Kleckner
    Women's Ensemble Elaina Chapnell
    Women's Ensemble Brielle Braun
    Women's Ensemble Kellie DeLorenzo
    Women's Ensemble Mackenzie McGahan
    Women's Ensemble Alexis Sparano
    Women's Ensemble Kristen Younger
    Women's Ensemble Cassandra McCowin
    Women's Ensemble Celeste Genareo
    Women's Ensemble Julie DiGiammarino

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