• Entertainment at WPXI's Holiday Parade - Chris Jamison


    The WPXI Holiday Parade is happy to welcome back Pittsburgh native and The Voice runner up, Chris Jamison! Some people are just born to sing. It’s as if their paths were pre-written, and it was only a matter of time until they wholeheartedly embraced that inherent gift. Singer and songwriter Chris Jamison began honing his talent relatively early—in middle school to be exact. Growing up a triplet in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, he immersed himself in musical theater, performing as part of various groups and learning all the Broadway standards inside and out.

    WPXI's 37th annual Holiday Parade

    While attending Capital University in Ohio, he split his time between studying and marathon acoustic gigs at local restaurants and bars, drawing on influences ranging from Jason Mraz to Justin Timberlake. Despite “playing it safe” and pursuing a business degree, Chris jumped at the opportunity to audition for the seventh season of NBC’s The Voice, leaving college in the rearview.

    His signature sound immediately enchants. Merging a pop palatability, blue-eyed soul, and an inimitable energy, he brings each song to life with swagger and style. “It’s pop, but it’s got more soul and meaning behind it,” he explains. “To me, it’s important not to simply sing a song, but to pour as much emotion into it as I can and really connect. It’s what I do.”

    His debut EP titled “I Am Chris Jamison” was released on August 19, 2016 and peaked at #4 on the iTunes Pop Charts. For more information visit his website https://www.iamchrisjamison.com/.

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