Al Roker talks 30 years of 'The More You Know'

For 30 years, "The More You Know" has been a trusted voice for a diverse group of topics that continue to shine light on important social issues in creative and inspiring ways.

Al Roker sat down with "See and Be Seen's" Nicole Jelinek to talk about three decades of the campaign's widely recognized features.

The iconic public service announcements showcase celebrity role models, like "The Today Show's" Roker, who help address important topics that help audiences to not only understand the information better, but inspire them to act.

Roker discussed what makes "The More You know" so iconic, his personal favorites and why he continues to stay actively involved in being one of the many "The More You Know" faces.

He even gave behind-the-scenes insight into what goes into creating each campagin.

The 30th anniversary season of "The More You Know" will be seen across the full range of NBCUniversal and Comcast distribution platforms, including broadcast, video on demand and digital outlets.