• 11-year-old girl starts slime business


    CLOVIS, Calif. - Some say the business world can be slimy, and that's exactly the case for an 11-year-old California girl. Tatianna Areizaga of Clovis has been captivating audiences with her slimy creations.  The slime is now opening up a world of possibilities. 

    "The options are endless, you can make so many different types and colors and it is fun to experiment with all the different textures," Areizaga told KFSN. She owns and operates her very own business, Fairy Princess Slimes. 


    It started as a hobby and transformed over time. Areizaga would make slime for fun and share it with her friends. "I used to make it for my friends at school and they loved it, so I thought, why not start an Instagram to show off all my creations," said Areizaga.

    People started to take notice. Some became so interested they wanted to buy her creations. "People started messaging me, like all over the nation, asking to buy my slime," said Areizaga.

    The next logical step for her became starting a business. Areizaga went to her mom, Ashley Ibarra, who's also a business owner, and asked for help. "She said, 'Can I start an Etsy?' and I said, 'Absolutely, if you want to.' She did it on her own actually, I assisted her a little bit, but since then, everything she does she does on her own," said Ibarra.

    Areizaga's social media presence is now expanding through YouTube. She's been invited to several slime conventions and even took part in the Elmer's Glue's National Competition: The Ooey Gluey Slime Games. 

    Areizaga made nine gallons of slime as part of the challenge. "This one is really crunchy, it has really good bubbles so when I squeeze it, it sounds really good," said Areizaga.

    Still, one of Areizaga's favorite ways to connect with people is face-to-face. She does a lot of selling at farmers markets and events. "I love whenever people say, 'Your slime is amazing, you're doing a great job.' It makes me feel really good, that what I am doing can make an impact on other people," said Areizaga.

    You can buy Areizaga's slimes through her Etsy page, Fairy Slime Princess


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