6-year-old shot in Knoxville died, suspect to be charged with homicide

PITTSBURGH — A 6-year-old girl shot Sunday night at a home in Pittsburgh’s Knoxville neighborhood has died, according to police.

Charges against Kamau Thomas, Jr, 19, will be amended, police said. Thomas is already charged with attempted homicide, reckless endangerment and aggravated assault following his arrest Monday night.

Isis Allen’s parents and extended family gathered by her bedside Wednesday to say their goodbyes.

"Her heart is slowly but surely leaving," the child's mother, Taqua Sykes, told Channel 11 News.

The family told Channel 11 that they wanted to keep Isis on life support as long as possible. Her parents thanked the community for its support and justice, just minutes before she died.%



“I have to thank the community, because the community is what actually brought this man to justice as fast as it did. [Police] got him within 24 hours of this happening,” Sykes said.

Isis died at Children’s Hospital at 1:45 p.m. Wednesday

"Savage. There's no forgiving him. I'm not into forgiveness. He took my baby,” said Sykes

She said she wants Thomas prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

“I'm just holding on to what I have left of her,” Sykes said.

According to court documents obtained by Channel 11 News, Thomas did not realize he had shot the girl in the head until he saw it on Facebook. He told police he was aiming at the roof to scare another man who had threatened him earlier.

Thomas told police that the gun’s “trigger was sensitive, (and) it started going crazy. The gun kept going off until it was empty,” the complaint said.

“This generation. These kids. This youth. These shooters. They're not caring if there's a baby on the porch playing or innocent people in cars,” John Parker Sr., the child’s uncle, said. “We as men, we have to get out here and start grabbing up these troubled youth.”

Police were called to Zara Street about 11 p.m. Sunday, where they found the girl, named Isis Allen, on the front porch of the home. There were also adults on the porch at the time of the shooting, but they were not hit.

Investigators said Isis was hit by one bullet. She was taken off life support on Wednesday.

Neighbors said Isis didn’t live in the home. She was visiting for the weekend.

“She gets along with a lot of kids,” Parker said. “Neighbors love her. It’s a tragedy.”

Channel 11 News returned to the home Monday and found teddy bears near the porch.

There were also large caliber bullet holes in the front door and porch columns. Police said the shots were fired at the porch by someone outside the house.

A vigil was held Monday night, where neighbors frustrated by the senseless violence prayed for Isis and for answers. Isis’ father left the hospital for a brief time to attend the vigil.

“I just want everybody to pray for her, please, and her family,” Charlotta Smith, whose house was the scene of the shooting, said.

A second vigil, which about two dozen people attended, was held Wednesday night following Isis’ death.

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