Allegheny County woman arrested in child pornography case

IMPERIAL, Pa. — A woman is facing child pornography charges after an investigation led investigators to her Imperial home.

According to a Federal Bureau of Investigation task force, Kaitlin Plascjak, 28, who lives with her mother, was caught with child pornography – a crime the district attorney said is usually committed by men.

The district attorney said Plascjak is the first woman to be arrested in Allegheny County in 16 years on child pornography charges.

The investigation that began in August after agents received a cyber-tip that led them to Plascjak’s mobile home on Falls Church Road.

Officials said they found more than “100 images (of child porn), including videos” of “infants, toddlers and preteens exposing themselves.” When searching Plascjak’s cellphone, police said images of “infants being sexually assaulted” were found.

Plascjak was arrested in November.

"It blows me away, just blows me away,” Nancy Milligan, a neighbor, said.

Plascjak allegedly admitted to the crime, telling police it was a “coping mechanism because she was molested when she was younger."

Police said Plascjak told them she had more porn but deleted it before she underwent surgery because she didn’t want anyone to find it if something went wrong.