• 'The Biggest Loser' contestant from Pittsburgh talks to See & Be Seen after being voted out

    By: Carly Noel


    PITTSBURGH,None - Jessica Limpert, 26, from the Pittsburgh area was voted out of the "The Biggest Loser" ranch on Tuesday night.

    I’ve been following Limpert on season 12 of the show. I told her over the phone on Wednesday that I was sad watching last night’s episode, but I think she still has a chance to win.

    Limpert and the other eliminated contestants will be back on the ranch in a couple weeks to compete in a marathon for a spot in the finale. The marathon will take place in the desert -- the same place the contestants started their journeys on “The Biggest Loser.”

    Jessica told me on Wednesday that she spent some time in Pittsburgh after being eliminated (the show that aired on Tuesday was taped). Limpert hired a trainer from her hometown, Murrysville, to help her prepare for the marathon. She even worked out with Pittsburgh Steelers Larry Foote and Ike Taylor.

    “I did sprint drills with Ike Taylor. That’s what he does on his off days,” said Limpert.

    Foote showed Limpert some running drills, and she showed him that she could carry a football player on her back. Just like she did with former NFL football player and contestant Antone Davis on “The Biggest Loser,” Limpert walked with Foote on her back. Impressive!

    After spending some time in Pittsburgh, Limpert moved to Woodland Hills, Calif. for work; she’s a traveling nurse.

    Limpert said she’s been working out hard and continues to eat well.

    “I’m making sure I get five meals a day. I’m eating protein, fruits and vegetables,” said Limpert. “I try to work out four hours a day. I ride my bike all over town.”

    A reason she spends a lot of time on her bike is because she’s recovering from an injury she suffered while on “The Biggest Loser.” Her injury wasn’t mentioned on the show, but she was seen wearing knee braces.

    “I had stress fractures in my left knee. I was told by the doctor that I wasn’t allowed to walk, but that wasn’t going to happen. I was stuck in the pool with Jennifer and rode the bike,” said Limpert.

    Instead of Limpert’s injury, “The Biggest Loser” focused on her relationship with contestant Ramon Medeiros. I must say, they make a cute couple!

    “It’s crazy. I’m a very private person, but on the flip side, we met on the show. It gives people hope that once you feel good about yourself, you can do this,” said Limpert. “It’s strange when he says, ‘I love you on TV,’ but I love him, too.”

    With good intentions, trainer Anna Kournikova expressed concerns about the relationship. Limpert had blamed her weight gain on a bad past relationship, and Kournikova wanted her to stay focused on getting healthy.

    “We push each other so much. We want to beat each other at everything. The grief we got pushed us even harder to prove everyone wrong,” said Limpert.

    Of course, Limpert’s trainer Dolvett Quince helped motivate her, too.

    “I live by Dolvett’s saying, ‘Hard work and dedication,’” said Limpert.

    Limpert said she has no hard feelings about the elimination and believes it came down to strategy.

    “I didn’t want to have any regrets, and I don’t. I’ve enjoyed every moment, and I would do it again,” said Limpert.

    When Limpert starting working out at “The Biggest Loser” ranch, she weighed 254 pounds. As of the last episode, she weighed 185 pounds.

    Limpert plans to continue getting healthy and start a foundation to help childhood obesity. She also hopes to cross off items on her bucket list that she couldn’t do when she was overweight; they include skydiving and rock climbing.

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