• Public paychecks: Highest-paid Pittsburgh professional athletes

    By: Ethan Lott  – Research Director, Pittsburgh Business Times


    PITTSBURGH - The three major professional sports teams in Pittsburgh combined have 43 players on roster earning more than $2 million each.

    Data is for the current (2019) season for Major League Baseball's Pirates, the current roster for the National Football League's Steelers going into the 2019 season and the current (2018-19) season for the National Hockey League's Penguins.

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    Players are ranked based on total pay during the most recent or current season, not by salary cap values, where applicable. This means signing and other bonuses are included in the year in which the bonuses are paid.

    Here at the top five and their salaries:

    1. Ben Roethlisberger ($45,000,000)
    2. Maurkice Pouncey ($13,000,000)
    3. Devin Bush ($12,239,920)
    4. Francisco Cervelli ($10,333,333)
    5. Sidney Crosby ($10,000,000)


    For the full list, head over to the Pittsburgh Business Times.



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