These are Pittsburgh’s hottest neighborhoods for young professionals in 2020

PITTSBURGH — Niche, a Pittsburgh-based data company that analyses, ranks and reviews schools and neighborhoods throughout the country, has ranked the best Pittsburgh-area neighborhoods to live in for young professionals in 2020.

The company determined rankings by using U.S. Census data to find a given neighborhood’s average age and education levels. Niche also looked at other factors like bar and restaurant access, job opportunities and overall affordability when determining where to rank each neighborhood.

Below are the rankings of the top 20 neighborhoods in Pittsburgh according to Niche as well as the information on the median rent, home value and the percentage of those who rent and own their properties in each neighborhood.

No. 1 - Downtown Pittsburgh: Median home value of $323,620, median rent of $1,591, 83% rent and 17% own.

No. 2 - Lower Lawrenceville: Median home value of $239,854, median rent of $1,032, 56% rent and 44% own.

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