Butler County Prison inmates accuse worker of making sexual advances

BUTLER COUNTY, Pa. — An investigation is underway at the Butler County Prison after inmates claimed a worker made sexual advances on them, the inmates’ attorney told Channel 11 News Friday.

Two inmates have come forward, saying they have been subjected to sexual innuendos, advances and contact while serving their time at the prison.%



Channel 11 News learned that one of the inmates is at the prison for violating probation after serving time for possession of drug paraphernalia, while the second inmate is serving time on a burglary charge.

According to documents filed by Mike Pisanchyn, the inmates’ attorney, one inmate suffers from addiction and called his family on Thursday crying because of the alleged sexual assaults.

Pisanchyn told Channel 11 News it was a kitchen worker inside the prison who targeted both of his clients.

“I believe they're heroes for coming forward. No one wants to talk about this when sexually assaulted in numerous ways. Hopefully by them coming forward, we can prevent it from happening to other people,” he said.

The Butler County Prison warden told Channel 11 News that he became aware of the allegations last week and said the accused employee is a contract worker for Trinity Food Services. The warden said the worker is banned from the prison until the investigation is completed.

Calls and emails to Trinity Food Services Friday evening were not immediately returned.

Pisanchyn said the inmates should not be forced to stay in the prison during the investigation.

“They're in a henhouse with a fox, so we’d like to get them out as soon as possible,” he said.

A call to the Butler County District Attorney’s Office for an update on the investigation also was not returned Friday night.

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