Canceling Tokyo Olympics ‘not being considered’ amid coronavirus outbreak, say organizers

Tokyo Olympics will go on as scheduled

TOKYO, Japan — The 2020 Summer Olympic Games are still scheduled to take place in Tokyo, despite the coronavirus outbreak in Asia.

Olympic organizers confirm there are no plans to cancel the games, which will take place between July 24 and August 9.

International Olympic Committee member John Coates said organizers are working to take all necessary precautions for both athletes and visitors.

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“We obviously spoke about the coronavirus situation. We had a very good session. We had on our side Richard Budgett, our chief medical and scientific director, reporting on the immediate liaison that was instigated between the IOC on behalf of all our international federations with World Health Organization and the steps that we’ve been taking. And on the other side, we received the report on the task force implemented by Tokyo 2020, its coordination with the task forces implemented by the national government and the Tokyo Municipal Government and their relationship with the Japan health authorities. And pleasingly, there has been very, very good coordination between the two, sharing of information, which is so critical, and all of that. I’m sure I’ll get questions on it, but it just reinforced our confidence that the measures being taken by the relevant authorities are properly addressing the situation along with China, and that we’ll be able to ensure, obviously, that the athletes go to the games, that the games go ahead and they go ahead in a way that’s safe for the athletes and the spectators," said Coates.

So far, the virus has killed more than 1,300 people and infected upwards of 60,000 worldwide.

The vast majority of those cases have been reported in mainland China.