Garbage collector rescues kitten encased in spray-foam, thrown in trash

VIDEO: Kitten found encased in spray foam in trash

HILLSBORO, Ore. — A kitten in Oregon is doing much better after being rescued by a garbage man earlier this month.

He was emptying a trash can when he saw the kitten hanging upside down from its back legs and covered in spray foam. He took the can back to the Hillsboro garbage disposal facility where staff worked to free the kitten. Then, they took the kitten to a vet.


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Since then he's been recovering at the Bonnie Hays Shelter.

Deputy Brian Van Kleef, of the Washington County Sheriff's Office, told KOIN that, "The people that live at the property are caring for this cat and they're not suspects in any way in this investigation, so once this cat is ready to go back home it should go back to its owners."