Group of armed suspects storms into local home

PITTSBURGH — Duquesne police are looking for a number of suspects involved in an armed home invasion.

Investigators said there were three suspects and two of them had guns. All of them were wearing black clothes and dark masks.

The victims were two men.

“Discovered a person on the second floor, no injuries but was indeed tied up,” said Chief of the City of Duquesne Police Department Thomas Dunlevy.

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Another man managed to get away and call for help, police said.

That’s when the group of suspects took off in a Ford F-150 truck that belonged to one of the victims.

Dunlevy said it happened inside a home along South Seventh Street.

“The home was being renovated. The front door was wide open and the individuals were working on the home,” Dunlevy said.

Police put out a notice to other departments and soon after, that truck was found. But the suspects were able to get away.


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