• Home with profane light display causes stir in Ross Township


    ROSS TOWNSHIP, Pa. - A bold light display outside a home in Ross Township is causing some controversy in the area.

    When night approaches, a home off of Siebert Road in Ross lights up like a Christmas tree, mainly because the home is still lit with Christmas lights.

    The message on the home, however, isn’t cheerful at all.  


    “I don’t think it’s against the law to exercise your right to put up your own display,” said Bill Ansell, the owner of the home, in a 2013 interview with Channel 11.

    The home features numerous signs that read profanity. According to Ansell, the signs are in response to what he believes is punishment from Ross Township.

    Ansell said everything started when he was forced to take down his popular Christmas light display years ago.

    “I personally think they should let him be,” said Keith Conlon, who wanted to see the display.

    Conlon has relatives that live nearby. He stopped by the house to see new additions.

    Ross Township filed a lawsuit a few years ago and now the case has reached Pennsylvania Superior Court. 

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