After 300 games, two Words With Friends players meet in person; he's 22, she's 81

Stock image of a Scrabble board.

An online game brought together two people that might not have met otherwise, and the internet can't handle it.

Spencer, 22, of Harlem, N.Y., has played Words With Friends, which is an online game similar to Scrabble, with 81-year-old Roz, of Florida, since last summer. After playing more than 300 games together, the two met face-to-face in West Palm Beach last Friday.


Spencer traveled to Florida with Pastor Amy Butler, who arranged the meeting, according to ABC11.

Both Butler and Spencer shared the sweet friendship story on Twitter and some users were teary-eyed.

Spencer and Roz’s story went viral with more than 239,000 retweets and 1 million likes.

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