11 Investigates gets action for people living at nursing home after employees asked for help

MURRYSVILLE, Pa. — Whistleblowers at a Westmoreland County nursing home came forward to expose what they called “inhumane conditions.”



The day after Channel 11 aired their story, workers told 11 Investigates the company is now promising to make changes.

“First we were a little nervous. We didn’t know what to expect. We figured -- oooh, crap’s gonna hit the fan,” said Sandy Sheasley, a nursing assistant at Murrysville Rehab.

She was one of several who contacted 11 Investigates to expose serious care issues at their nursing home.

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They told Channel 11 that Tuesday morning, after an 11 Investigates report on Monday night, Murrysville Rehab held an all hands on deck meeting with a consultant to address their concerns.

“We were told that the person is gonna be in the building for a while now, and he’s going to get the problem straightened out, as fast as he can,” said Terry Steele, another nursing assistant.

“I’m glad we did it to get our residents the help that they need the care that they need,” added Kim Wampler, an employee at Murrysville Rehab.

A total of eight employees took the rare step to come forward for the report to expose what they called inhumane care for residents.

“They’re not being bathed. They’re not being showered. The men aren’t being shaved,” Steele added.

“People falling out of bed, people falling out of wheelchairs,” said Crystal Timko, a former nurse’s aid at Murrysville Rehab.

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The workers said they felt compelled to be the voice of the residents because family members can’t visit due to COVID-19 restrictions. To their surprise, they are now getting overwhelming support, especially from residents.

“Every time they’d see us in the hall they were thanking us hugging us,” Steele said. “Family members were calling.”

“They’re like-- thank you for standing up and sticking up for them and speaking for them,” Sheasley added.

11 Investigates Angie Moreschi asked Wampler if she thought speaking out made a difference.

“Yes I do. I think it helped us a lot.”

The group told Channel 11 the parent company, Comprehensive Healthcare, is now promising to hire more nursing assistants and get them the supplies they need.

Moreschi contacted the administrator at Murrysville Rehab, but did not hear back.

11 Investigates will be watching to see if things improve.