Are plant-based products really healthier options? We asked a registered dietitian

It seems like just about everywhere you look, you can find plant-based products.

Meatless meat alternatives are in the freezer section of your local grocery store and even on the menu at some fast food restaurants. Some people are reaching for plant based products because they’re choosing to go vegetarian or vegan, but others are just trying to add more vegetables to their diet.

“It’s definitely a growing trend and I think that there are positives and negatives,” said Sarah Kaminski, a certified holistic health and lifestyle coach. “I’m a big fan of eating foods that are what they were originally designed to be.”

We wanted to know if all meatless options are healthy options? Or should you just stick with your favorite burger?

We took some plant-based products to a registered dietitian to get her opinion. See her recommendations in the video above.

ALDI grocery stores recently launched a plant based line of products.

J.R. Perry who is the Saxonburg division vice president for ALDI released a statement that said, “Our Earth Grown line, which started as a limited-time ALDI Find, flew off the shelves. Given the success of the limited-time offering, and the growing demand for plant-based products, we worked quickly to add the Earth Grown line to our everyday selection. Earth Grown is our ALDI-exclusive line of vegetarian and vegan foods. The line currently includes more than a dozen options, like veggie burgers and vegan shredded cheese. We continue to receive positive customer feedback on Earth Grown and other plant-based offerings compatible for vegetarian and vegan lifestyles.”

We also reached out to Conagra, the maker of Gardein products, for a statement.

Incorporating plant-based meat is one helpful way to begin a transition to a more plant-forward diet, whether for personal health or the environment. And while plant-based burgers can provide a delicious swap for a beef patty, plant-based options can also include sides or snacks that provide protein from beans or seeds, like Birds Eye Chickpeas & Spinach Power Blend or David Seeds Energy-Packed Mixes. These “whole food” alternatives can help consumers increase healthy veggie intake as well as shift toward a more plant-based eating style.

—  RD Katherine Pett, Conagra

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