Families say troubling practice at Brighton Rehab could be contributing to deaths

11 Investigates: Concerns about COVID-19 treatment at long-term care facilities

BEAVER COUNTY, Pa. — In western Pennsylvania, one of the most troubled nursing homes is Brighton Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, which accounts for about 90% of the deaths in Beaver County.

11 Investigates has learned about an alarming practice there, which could be contributing to those dire numbers.

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Families tell us some residents who’ve tested negative for COVID-19 have been living in the same room with patients who tested positive. Loved ones fear that co-mingling COVID-19 positive and negative residents in such close quarters unfairly exposes them to the deadly virus.

The Department of Health, which is overseeing the COVID-19 response at Brighton because of its major outbreak, has said mixing positive and negative patients in the same room is against state guidelines. However, despite being notified about the practice repeatedly, the state has allowed it to continue. Families said they are at their wit’s end and don’t understand why the state is not doing more to stop the practice.

Brighton Rehab home to nearly 65 % of COVID-19 cases in Beaver County