Voters upset over having to use provisional ballots due to confusion at the polls

PITTSBURGH — A Washington County man is just one of several people who have reached out to Channel 11 upset over having to vote with a provisional ballot on Election Day.

“I showed up this morning to vote and they told me I voted by mail already. I told them I never requested a mail-in ballot,” Mark Adams said.

It’s one of the biggest issues coming to light as polls are set to close.

Voters who requested a mail-in ballot but wanted to vote in person on Election Day had to surrender their mail-in ballot first. But since Adams said he never received one, he was stuck.

Washington County officials said several voters called, complaining about the same issue. The elections judge said most people didn’t realize they signed up for permanent mail-in ballots when they ordered one for the June primary election.

Adams said he won’t know if his vote will count until Friday when the county can confirm that no one sent a ballot in his name.