Pittsburgh vaccine deadline halted for police, firefighters due to pending legal action

PITTSBURGH — Target 11′s Rick Earle learned that all Pittsburgh police officers and firefighters won’t have to meet the city’s COVID-19 vaccination deadline due to negotiations that still have to be worked out.

Unions representing both police officers and firefighters filed grievances against the city over the vaccination issue. Union officials claimed the city did not bargain with them prior to implementing the requirement. They said an issue like this is a mandatory subject of collective bargaining.

Separate arbitrators ruled that the city must negotiate with the unions. Those talks will likely stretch into the new year.

Mayor Bill Peduto announced that all City of Pittsburgh employees must be vaccinated by Dec. 22 or face discipline, including termination. The discipline process will begin with a verbal reprimand, then a suspension and finally termination, according to Peduto.

All other city employees will still have to abide by the Wednesday deadline, however.