3 students charged after hazing allegations at Mohawk Area High School, football program to resume

LAWRENCE COUNTY, Pa. — On Friday, the Mohawk Area High School band performed without its football team, just hours after the district and the Lawrence County District Attorney’s Office announced they had completed their hazing allegation investigation.

Now, three students are being criminally charged.

In a letter sent to parents, the district said the alleged hazing happened last month in the high school gym and equipment room between varsity football practice sessions.

The specifics of the allegations are still unclear but according to the district attorney’s office, three students, who are minors, are accused of committing abuse, humiliation and assault on five players of the varsity football team.

The DA said that despite rumors, they did not find any evidence of sexual abuse or use of objects in this incident.

Officials also said no adults had any involvement or knowledge of the alleged hazing.

The district said in a statement that “while the incident is disturbing and unacceptable, it is not a part of the district’s culture and appropriate parties have been and will be held accountable.”

The DA reached these conclusions after interviewing 25 witnesses and said all students involved are facing legal action and school discipline. As the students are minors, their names will not be released.

The team missed its first two games of the season but on Friday, the district said it was reinstating the program and varsity

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