• 4 Franklin Regional stabbing victims continue to recover in hospitals


    MURRYSVILLE, Pa. - Four of 21 students hurt in a mass stabbing at Franklin Regional High School Wednesday remain in hospitals Sunday.

    The student who was hurt the most is in critical condition at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital. Doctors said Jared Boger suffered a deep knife wound that narrowly missed his heart, came close to his spine and punctured his lung.

    “That compromised the abdominal wall, the liver and went through, near the aorta and close to the heart underneath,” Dr. Juan Carlos said.

    Jared Boger’s brother, Carter Boger, told reporter Vince Sims, “Right when Jared woke up he wrote, ‘It’s going to be OK, mom. I love you.’ I got teary eyed."

    Boger has already undergone multiple surgeries, including one on his abdomen Sunday morning. His physicians said he will likely have to go through a few more and a physical therapy regimen to recover.

    Another victim’s family told Channel 11 News they moved to the Franklin Regional School District to get away from violence.

    Ariana Schofield’s cousin said they moved from Los Angeles because of school violence there.

    “She’s doing pretty good. She’s still shaken up from the incident. But, she’s strong so she’ll be able to recover and get over it,” Maggie Schofield said.

    Investigators are still trying to determine a motive for the attack. Sources had said they were turning their attention to a threatening phone call that may have been made Tuesday night.

    Alex Hribal, 16, has been charged in the stabbing and is in a juvenile detention center. Law enforcement officials told Target 11 that bullying was not a motive. But Hribal’s attorney said it may have been factor.

    FBI officials said they are analyzing a phone to see if Hribal made the threatening call. His attorney denies that allegation.

    “He was home all night, the night before this occurred, with his parents. They didn’t see him on the phone arguing with anybody,” defense attorney Pat Thomassey said.

    Thomassey said a psychiatrist was hired to evaluate his client.

    “He’s upset. He knows he’s in a world of stuff right now, and how serious it is now. You know, he can’t believe he did this, to tell you the truth,” said Thomassey.

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