Alleged internet stalker accused of confronting woman, blocking her in at Shaler Planet Fitness lot

A man is facing several charges after police say he allegedly stalked a local woman on the internet, then drove hundreds of miles to confront her in a gym parking lot.

The suspect, 32-year-old Alvin Chummar from McKinney, Texas, is charged with stalking, false imprisonment and harassment. Police say he drove over 700 miles from Memphis, Tennessee, to Shaler and waited for the victim to leave Planet Fitness. He told police he knew she was working out there from social media.

Police say Chummar blocked the victim’s car with his pickup truck.

The victim said Chummar came to her driver’s side door and began pulling on the handle.

That’s when police say she called 911 and began honking her horn and yelling for help.

The victim told police she recognized Chummar from an Instagram profile picture. She said she had blocked him when he started harassing her and her family members by sending nearly a hundred messages.

Chummar told police he wanted to talk with the victim about being involved in a sex trafficking ring and save her.

Police say he could not provide any evidence to support his claims.

This case highlights the dangers of posting personal information, such as where you are, where you go and what you drive on social media, police say.

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