Allegheny County

Has the downtown Pittsburgh sinkhole expanded in the past few months?

PITTSBURGH — It’s been several weeks since any repairs were made to the sinkhole in downtown Pittsburgh, and now the city is investigating if it has grown during that time.

Chopper 11 flew over the sinkhole on 10th Street Tuesday afternoon and saw that the sidewalk next to the sinkhole which had previously been intact appears to have fallen in.

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There had already been setbacks in repairs, including the discovery in February that the wrong kind of dirt had been used to partially fill the giant hole.

Channel 11 reached out to city officials and learned they are sending an inspector to the area to review the damage.

Repairs to the sinkhole stopped because of the COVID-19 shutdown, but are set to begin soon. That process starts with work on the water lines, steam pipes and utilities before the hole can actually be filled.

Pittsburgh City Council has approved money to cover the cost of the repairs.