Allegheny County

North Versailles police officer shown roughly taking woman into custody for rear-ending his car

NORTH VERSAILLES, Pa. — The future of a North Versailles police officer is unclear after someone recorded him aggressively taking a woman into custody.

We had to bleep out much of the video, because he was continually swearing and calling the woman names. At one point, you can hear the officer say, “Do you know who you just rear-ended?”

Apparently, the officer’s daughter was in the car that was hit.

That officer, a police union representative, police chief and commissioners met today to hear the officer’s side of the story.

“I was naturally surprised. We don’t want to hear our police swearing like that, but there’s more to the story, and it’s going to come out,” North Versailles commissioner George Thompson told Channel 11.

Thompson wouldn’t elaborate on other details, nor confirm if the driver of the car left the scene after rear-ending the vehicle.

“Even if it was a hit-and-run, that didn’t justify what he did. Force is only necessary when force is necessary, and it wasn’t necessary. The car was stopped, she had stopped and put her hands on the steering wheel,” personal injury and civil rights attorney Todd Hollis said.

Hollis is representing the driver.

“The police officer had a daughter in the car, and my client the rear of the car. His actions ensued when he removed her from the car, slammed her on the car and on the ground. The video speaks for itself,” Hollis added.

The police officer is still on the job. The township commissioners will discuss if he will face any repercussions at next week’s council meeting.