Armored truck heist suspect's parents urge son to surrender

PITTSBURGH — The parents of a man who allegedly shot a fellow armored car guard and stole $2.3 million are urging their son to surrender.

The FBI has launched a nationwide manhunt for 22-year-old Kenneth Konias Jr., who they said has been on the run since the Feb. 28 shooting.

On Wednesday evening, Renee and Kenneth Konias Sr. asked their son to surrender.

Attorney Charles Lopresti read most of the statement, which urged Konias Jr. to do the right thing and turn himself in "so that this nightmare can come to an end."

Konias is charged with killing his guard partner, 31-year-old Michael Haines, who was found fatally shot in the back of their Garda Cash Logistics truck in downtown Pittsburgh.

“We want you to come home.  Please contact me,” said Konias’ mother, Renee.

Seated at a table with her husband and their attorney, Renee Konias urged her son to surrender, Channel 11 News reporter Rick Earle said.

“Your parents have been through enough,” Lopresti said. “Everyone has suffered greatly. The time to come home is now.”

Lopresti said Konias’ parents decided to come forward and speak out.  He said they weren't pressured by any law enforcement agency, although he said they did ask for permission to talk.

“We didn't want to do anything that would in any way interfere or hamper with their investigation,” said Lopresti.

Several detectives stood in the back during the impromptu news conference.

“We think seeing his mom on TV will make him realize that his parents are suffering, and they need to know where he is and that he's safe and they want him to come home,” said Detective Peg Sherwood.

Sherwood said police got some tips after "America's Most Wanted" aired, but they didn't pan out. She said police continue to get about 10 calls a day on the case.

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