• Armstrong Co. Jail warden suspended after inmate escape


    KITTANNING, Pa. - The Armstrong County Jail prison board voted Thursday to suspend its warden, David Hogue, without pay as the investigation into an escaped inmate continues.

    Robert Crissman, 38, is accused of killing an acquaintance while on the run.


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    Authorities say Crissman escaped July 30 while delivering breakfast to other inmates as part of a work-release program at the jail in Kittanning.

    55-year-old victim Tammy Long was discovered beaten and strangled at a nearby home.

    County Solicitor Jason Lewis said he recommended the move to suspend Hogue.

    “There’s nothing that we expected anybody could do, including but not limited to the warden, But the idea would be that people can be interviewed more freely,” Lewis said.

    The board also approved the suspension of the work-release program Thursday.

    An investigator has been hired to review that program and other aspects of the escape.

    “To be independent means that it’s fresh eyes, outside of the county to come in and give a report to this prison board on truly what happened,” said Richard Fink, with the Armstrong County Prison Board.

    “Like many other residents, we want answers. How can this happen?” said Armstrong County resident Jorn Jensen.

    Last May, Hogue was named ‘Warden of the Year’ by the Pennsylvania Prison Warden’s Association.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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