Beaver County

Blackhawk School District suing Norfolk Southern after East Palestine train derailment

BEAVER COUNTY, Pa. — Blackhawk School District in Beaver County is suing Norfolk Southern after the train derailment in East Palestine in February.

According to court documents, the district is suing the corporation for multiple counts after the derailment.

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The district claims negligence from Norfolk Southern led to the derailment, and said that each defendant had a duty to operate the railway in a non-negligent manner.

Blackhawk School District claims the derailment was “directly and proximately caused by the defendants’ breach of their duty of care by negligent and/or reckless acts and omission.”

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The district also claims that Norfolk Southern is both a private and public nuisance, saying the derailment and release of toxic chemicals resulted in an invasion of the district’s interests in the private use and enjoyment of surrounding land.

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The district claims the spread of these chemicals has produced a permanent and long-lasting effect to public health.

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The district is seeking compensatory and statutory damages for injuries, punitive damages, attorney fees, interest on all amounts, other relief which includes future medical monitoring and any other relief that the court deems appropriate.

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