Braddock marks fifth anniversary without homicide as crime rates fall

BRADDOCK, Pa. — The town of Braddock will mark its fifth anniversary without a homicide on Saturday, according to Mayor John Fetterman.

Fetterman credits the district attorney's office, local police, a system of security cameras and community involvement for making the streets of Braddock safe again.

"Braddock will never be what it was in the '50s and '60s. We had three movie theaters and 56 barber shops and restaurants, but it's coming back slow and steady," said Fetterman.

Part of the town's comeback is the Braddock Youth Project (BYP), which takes young people off the streets and gets them involved. Fetterman started the project when he took office.

Two graduates of the program now work in the community café, providing low-cost, nutritional meals.
One of those graduates is Dario Soto, who was shot when he was 13 and came from a home where he saw drug abuse.

"Since I've been with BYP, I've been finally realizing the need my community has for someone like me and Mayor Fetterman. So I've just been thriving to do my best for my community and my hometown," said Soto.

Another graduate, Robert Grey, said the project has helped him more than he imagined it could.

"They helped me with school. I don't know if I would have graduated if not for the BYP just pushing me to do what I need to do," said Grey.

Fetterman said Braddock has a fighting chance of being something great again, as crime rates are down and community pride is up.

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