BREAKING THE STIGMA: Sharpburg mural reminding community “You Matter” completed

Channel 11 is working on “Breaking the Stigma” surrounding mental health. Part of a project we’ve been following is the completion of a mural in Sharpsburg at the corner of Thirteenth and Canal streets.

The “You Matter Mural” is was created by an artist named Rabbit. He was commissioned by Todd and Alisa Whysong, parents who are trying to break the stigma surrounding mental health. They’ve put smaller versions of the mural up in schools.

The idea came from their daughter, Katie, who died by suicide in March 2021.

During her struggle with depression, the Fox Chapel high school student found release in her artwork and had the idea to put up positive messages in her school.

Now, her parents are carrying out her idea.

The Positive Painting Project is in 16 schools in 13 districts in the area.

Rabbit told Channel 11 creating a mural with an uplifting message for the community is the most important aspect of the work he does.

For more information on the Positive Painting Project, visit paintpositive.org. There’s also an art scholarship created in Katie Whysong’s name: kwscholarship.org