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Woman accused of stealing thousands of dollars from Cranberry dentist’s office

CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A Cranberry Township woman is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from a dentist’s office where she was working.

Channel 11 learned Kimberly Cook was also accused of stealing money from a restaurant owned by a former Steelers player years ago.

The owners of the dentist’s office told Channel 11 exclusively they had no idea it was the same woman because she used a fake name to get the job.

“This was a really masterminded plan,” said Erika Morrow with Generational Dental Associates.

Cranberry Township Police say Cook stole more than $20,000 in cash from Generational Dental Associates along Rochester Road.

Cook worked there as a clerk for about two years. She handled payments from patients. According to the criminal complaint, she would encourage patients to pay in cash.

The owners got suspicious and were onto her in March when two patients contacted them with questions regarding their cash payments, according to court documents. Then, the owners quickly discovered there was money missing.

“It was escalating, so the more she was getting away with it, the more aggressive and taking more,” said Morrow.

Police said there were 46 times when Cook entered cash payments as credit card payments and say Cook admitted to stealing the money. The owners said they don’t want her to get away with this.

“It’s really disappointing. We are a family-owned operation and small business,” said Morrow.

Channel 11 confirmed Cook was also accused of stealing $73,000 from the Hines Ward Table 86 restaurant back in 2017. Police said Cook was a server there and pocketed money by taking cash payments from customers but ringing them up as gift cards. According to court documents, she admitted to it.

The owners of the dentist’s office explained how she hid her checkered past.

“She applied as ‘Kimberly Meyer. That’s how she introduced herself and applied for the job,” said Morrow.

Cook was arrested and is facing two felony theft charges.

As for the 2017 case with Hines Ward’s restaurant, that has not been settled yet. Cook is due back in court for that case on May 31.

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